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  • Half payment made upfront, the rest paid after the final piece is finished

  • Will NOT start commission until the first payment is made and will NOT give the final piece until the last payment is made

  • When the commission is done, I will send you the final piece in JPEG or PNG format.

  • Progress will be shown between stages for any minor adjustments (max. 3 free small changes). Any large changes or more than the maximum number of free changes requested will be charged extra!

  • Will offer refund ONLY in the early stages of the commission(sketch/ line art)

  • Any references provided are welcome! The more, the merrier!

  • Accepting payments in PayPal ONLY!

  • All Prices are in CAD

+ $ 5 per extra character

Will NOT draw:

- Offensive Subject Matter


*NOTE* Commissions are currently being delivered only in digital form!

Portrait/Bust - $15

Waist - $20

Full Body - $30

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