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Terms and Services


Commission Use

  1. I have the right to post or use the commission as I wish.

  1. I will repost the commission on my art sites, UNLESS the commissioner wishes the commission to be private.

  2. I will not make any sales of the commission (prints, buttons,etc).

2. You have the right to repost the commission, as long as proper credit is included in the post.

3.You have the right to use the commission as you wish, as long as it is NOT for profit.

  1. For example, you may use the commission as a gift, for your profile picture, or other personal uses, but may NOT resell the commission for profit(produce prints, t-shirts, buttons,etc, and sell them for profit).

Refunds & Payment

  1. Half of the payment will be made upfront and the remaining half will be made once the commission is finished.

  2. I will begin the commission as soon as I receive the first payment.

  3. I will not provide the commission when completed UNTIL the final payment is made.

  4. There is NO negotiating on the price. No discounts, no ‘haggling’ on the price. If one cannot afford the commission, DO NOT commission me.

  5. Refunds will NOT be issued once the commission is completed.

    1. If the commission is 50% or more done, a refund will NOT be issued, albeit with an exception(see next bullet)

  6. Exceptions for refunds may be allowed on a CASE-BY-CASE basis, i.e. I am taking too long(within the estimated time frame) to complete a commission, An emergency has come up and will affect my ability to complete the commission, etc.

    1. For any commissions taken BEFORE said emergency occurred, a refund will be proposed if I feel that it will take longer than expected to complete said commission unless the commissioner has no issue with the extended timeframe and wishes the commission to be continued

    2. You have no right to demand a refund once the commission is complete and I followed your instructions correctly.

Store Regulations


 *Shipping times are estimated and longer due to potential Covid-19 delays* 

  1. All shipping is done through Canada Post. Shipping within Canada can take up to  5 business days - 2 weeks  depending on the city/ province, but international shipping(anywhere outside Canada) can take up to a month or two depending on the country. 


  1. For any lost or stolen orders, contact me and I will look into the matter and contact you with an update.  If you wish to receive a replacement package, you will have to reorder it from the store.

  2. If you wish to return your order, you can repackage the order and ship it to my return address. Once I receive the package with the items I will issue a full refund.  

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